At the time of the 1880 census, Red Lion had 49 households that were residing in 47 dwellings within the borough limits.  There are two dwellings that each contained 2 households.  The Julia Sevis and John Poet households resided in the same dwelling (listed as dwelling #2) and the Moses Smith and Samuel Poet households resided in the same dwelling (listed as dwelling #41).

Below you will find two maps showing the known locations of those 47 dwellings.  The exact location of a few dwellings (such as #44 and #46) is not known, but it is verified that the head of household owned property in that area and there are several possible dwellings located on their land.

Also, you will find a table that lists all 49 head of households in Red Lion along with the corresponding dwelling number they resided in.  Each head of household is a hyperlink to a PDF document that contains information on each family member within that household, such as date of birth, date of death, burial location.  The family document also lists more details about the location of their residence, along with circumstantial evidence on where some of the households not listed on the maps below may have resided.  Finally, the family document also lists any contributions to the town of Red Lion, such as their occupations, any civic involvement and other places they lived in town after 1880.

House #Head of HouseholdProperty Location
1Wesley SmithUnknown
2Julia SevisWhere Country Club Road previously intersected with West Broadway
2John PoetWhere Country Club Road previously intersected with West Broadway
3Charles Neff850 Country Club Road
4William PaulesUnknown
5Henry Wagman309 South Franklin Street
6John WagmanNear the intersection of Country Club Road & Horace Mann Avenue
7Daniel SpottsNorth side of Country Club Road, south of the parking lot behind Red Lion Area Senior High School
8Henry NeffWest side of Country Club Road, just north of Winterstown Road
9John WiseNorth side of Marshall Street, just east of the current borough limits
10John A. Wise304 East Lancaster Street
11John HermanUnknown
12Nathaniel Neiman42 South Main Street
13Henry Wallick2 North Main Street (old First National Bank building now there)
14Edward “A.D.” Wallick10 North Main Street (now parking lot beside old First National Bank Building)
15Charles InnerstUnknown
16George OberdorffUnknown
17Ferdinand HeislerUnknown
18Matthew Gable20 North Main Street
19George Knaub12 North Main Street or 16 North Main Street
20William Knaub30 North Main Street or 32 North Main Street
21Samuel Sprenkle41 North Main Street
22Adam Gebhard54 North Main Street
23Dr. John Hyson60 North Main Street
24James SmithUnknown
25Jacob Cramer40-42 North Main Street
26Jacob Miller62 North Main Street
27George Dietz80 North Main Street (house was located on what is now the parking lot)
28William Algier80 North Main Street
29Henry Paules84 North Main Street
30Daniel Weaver86 North Main Street
31Noah Olp90 North Main Street
32Catherine Meyer5 West High Street
33Hiram Dill349 West Broadway
34Jeremiah SmithUnknown
35Henry ShankUnknown
36Hamilton GrimUnknown
37Lewis BlockingerUnknown
38Jacob GohnUnknown
39Barton JacobsUnknown
40Seth Minnich162 North Main Street
41Moses Smith286-288 North Main Street
41Samuel Poet286-288 North Main Street
42Andrew Keener20-22 Railroad Avenue
43Daniel NessWest of Franklin Street and south of West High Street
44Jacob YoungNorth of West Broadway, west of North Franklin Street and east of North Mill Street
45William TaylorNear Taylor’s Trestle
46Henry ShafferAlong Springwood Road, just west of the current borough limits
47Henry RostAlong the south side of Springwood Road, west of the current borough limits
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