The Red Lion RR Station with an Engine

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Red Lion Area Historical Society to collect and preserve the artifacts, photographs, documents, publications and genealogical records that relate to the history of the Red Lion area; to make these materials readily available for both research and enjoyment; and to act as a resource center for the education of the public about the history of Red Lion, so that knowledge of the past may contribute to a fuller understanding of the present

The old museum in the square of Red Lion

Our Story

In 1980, Red Lion Borough celebrated the Centennial of its incorporation. This event sparked renewed interest in local history resulting in the founding of the Red Lion Area Historical Society. It was incorporated on Friday, April 3, 1981, as a non-profit organization for collecting, documenting, preserving and disseminating historical data and items pertaining to the Red Lion Area. Initially 98 persons subscribed as Charter Members

Since the Red Lion Area Historical Society is a non-profit organization, donations of artifacts may be deducted from income taxes at their appraised value—just as cash donations to the Society may be deducted. If you have questions about this, or are contemplating making a donation to us, please feel free to contact Museum Director, Lynne Gohn at 717-244-9036.

Old family photos, histories, diaries, deeds, maps and other documents will be accepted, along with artifacts and materials from citizens, businesses, schools, churches, political parties and other organizations—insofar as the items relate to the Red Lion Area.

Our Executive Board

Officers for 2024:

Lynne Gohn – President

Jan Barnhart – Vice President

Steve Stine – Treasurer

Daniel Neff – Asst Treasurer

Joyce Ilyes – Secretary

Directors is as follows:

Paul Ilyes – term expires January 1, 2026

Tristan Mundis – term expires January 1, 2027

Jeff Beard – term expires January 1, 2028

Directors serve staggered terms of three years.

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