The following biography is an excerpt taken from the book titled: Pictorial Souvenir, The Borough of Red Lion, York County, Pennsylvania, Golden Jubilee, 1880-1930, June Seventh to Fourteenth, inclusive : Fifty Years of Progress:

Nathaniel was one of the foremost citizens of Red Lion and played a leading part in the organization of the borough, the incorporation of the town, the making of the community. He was a man of influence and standing, highly respected by the people with whom he came in contact.

In March, 1873, he moved with his family from Yorkana to Red Lion, occupying a story and a half house which was situated on South Main Street. For many years this home was a landmark of the borough and today (1930) is remembered by many for the reason it extended over the sidewalk, permitting passage under the porch which was on the second floor. The home was a combination of brick and logs.

On April 22, 1874, Nathaniel Neiman purchased from Catherine Meyer six acres and eight perches of land, making up the section of town which is located on the west side of South Main Street, extending from the Wallick House to Lancaster Street. The home which Mr. Neiman and his family occupied was the second private residence in town. Later on he remodeled the house to take care of his needs. Shortly after his arrival in town, Mr. Neiman opened a cigar factory in the basement of his home. This marked the first cigar factory in Red Lion borough. Mrs. Nathaniel Neiman, who was the daughter of Dr. John Hermann, of Windsor Township and well versed in the business and act of manufacturing cigars, took charge of the cigar factory during the absence of Mr. Neiman, who happened to be a plaster contractor by trade.

After manufacturing cigars for a number of years, Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Neiman built, in 1886, a home wherein they conducted the store known as the “Neiman Store” on the east side of North Main Street. When, on April 16, 1889, Nathaniel Neiman was appointed postmaster of Red Lion Borough by John Wanamaker, Postmaster-General under the term of William Henry Harrison, President of the United States, the building served, besides being store and dwelling, as the post office.

After approximately fourteen years, Mr. Neiman retired from the store business which was operated in succession by Harvey Zeigler, David Kaufmann, who, in turn, was succeeded by the Harris Store Company who operated a department store. After the removal of this concern the property was extensively remodeled and is today (1930) headquarters for the Murphy Stores Company in Red Lion, Pennsylvania.

Nathaniel Neiman was one of the petitioners of the incorporation of Red Lion into a borough and defended consistently the incorporation against any and all attacks. He was elected to the first Borough Council of Red Lion; to him goes the distinction of being one of the organizers and the President of the Red Lion Water Company for thirty years. As a member of the first Consistory of St. John’s Reformed Church and Treasurer of that Sunday School for thirty years, he proved a mainstay and strong support of the religious institution.

Upon leaving the store business, Mr. Neiman built a residence at the Square in 1901. He died on December 18, 1928.

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